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Oct 28, 2012 4:05pm EDT
? there are plaintiffs who won't come on until after the election. i will hold the suit up until after the election and we will get the suit filed. >> the answer is -- we wouldn't have this issue if congress had done their job. one branch doesn't work well and another steps in. i think the president took a necessary step. >> we will see a couple of commercials right now, the first from mrs. vilsack's campiagn. >> i am christie vilsack and i approve this message. ♪ >> mr. king, mrs. vilsack has called you an embarassment to iowa. do some of the quotes embarrass you? >> i've said by the time i eliminated the questions and dishonesty, the only thing left was "i'm christie vilsack and i approve this message." the one that is true, was about the vote on hurricane katrina. there will be all kinds of wasted funds. it is a principled vote and it will be easy to vote on. king was right -- this is the sioux city's response. the balance of that is false. i have had better votes since then. voting against obamacare, voting against cap and trade, dodd-frank, those were better votes, but the rest of those alle
Oct 27, 2012 10:30pm EDT
to have a profound impact on this election and even more so in four years. he's got my vote because the democrats are -- they talked and killed 170 children in drone warfare in pakistan and republicans say gosh, that's weak. we're not being tough enough. i don't know how many dead children it would take to satisfy mitt romney in the republicans' blood lust. >> gideon moore in mecklenberg county, talk to us about the effects as you see them of third party candidates on the republican effort in north carolina. >> right now from what we are seeing, it doesn't look like it's having an impact. to the extent they are drawing folks out, folks being drawn from both republican and democrat party and doesn't look like it will impact either the presidential race or any of our other gubernatorial races. >> we've got a tweet from john in north carolina, who writes under the handle affirmatively. john writes, north carolina doesn't have large failed cities of crackheads and gangbangers and thus rarely votes for the democrat nominee. gideon moore? >> i'm not sure what to make of that. we certainly
Oct 27, 2012 7:00pm EDT
seven and they were all on his financial disclosures. he should not electing me on the iran policy when he is profiting from his investments. in companies that were -- uranium mining. >> i am running short on time. >> she voted for ahmadinejad. he said the holocaust did not exist. he said it will have a nuclear bomb and destroy israel. the congress put in a commendation resolution to condemn him. everybody voted except three individuals. she voted against all the sanctions up until this year when she decided to run. then she decided this year she is going to run so she would vote for it. i question her judgment. my investment, she has the same investments in pension-fund for the university of wisconsin, the state of wisconsin and the federal government. >> we have to halt this part of the conversation. we have gone long at the end. it will be a minute closing statement. i hope you can both deal with one minute. each candidate has 60 seconds. tammy baldwinm,, we begin with you. >> thank you. i appreciate the fact that everyone is here, that he sponsored this debate. that tommy thompson a
Oct 29, 2012 3:30am EDT
will be right before entering their new year, and then after that their election season, which they would once again be politically paralyzed. and if that opportunity can be utilized, it will be very interesting to see, do both sides have the discipline? both sides claim they're winning and doing great. they all have their rhetoric and talking points as to why the a rain spring has been fantastic for them, but do they have the ability and the discipline to go to the negotiating table and translate whatever strength it is that they have into a strong negotiating position and then change that strength into an actual deal? i suspect if we don't see something -- obviously i don't think it will be an end deal at all before the iranian new deal in march -- but if there isn't any progress before this period, it's going to be quite questionable at what moment it can be achieved again, because then the political circus and both sides are going to start again and negotiations are going to once again become the victim of domestic policies. thanks so much. [applause] >> this doctor has agreed to be the di
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4